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At Ion Exchange India, we bring you total environment solutions - water treatment, liquid waste treatment & recycle, air pollution control, solid & hazardous waste management and generation of energy from waste.

Specialists in water and waste water treatment for over four decades, we offer total water solutions for industry, homes and communities. Integrating process technology, design engineering and project management capability, we take end-to-end responsibility - planning, integrating and managing water on supply, quantity, quality, discharge and environmental fronts. By creating quantifiable benefits for our customers, we demonstrate how efficient water management is a value investment.

Although water is perhaps the resource most under pressure globally, the increasing environmental pollution calls for an integrated approach of total environment management. Therefore, with our joint venture Ion Exchange Waterleau Ltd., we have entered the entire gamut of environment management We offer a complete portfolio of advanced environmental solutions and services spanning water, liquid & gaseous effluents, solid & hazardous waste and renewable energy, for infrastructure, industrial, municipal and household applications.


Zero B

Our well known range of drinking water purifiers and water conditioners is part of a range of water treatment solutions that together provide total water care for homes. Personalised understanding of the problem, analysis of the water and a complete solution is what we offer. From drinking and cooking, to bathing, laundry and swimming pools, as well as sewage treatment/ recycle systems that provide assurance to residential complexes against water shortages.

Catering to every consumer segment and budget is a wide range of drinking water purifiers that ultimate protection against waterborne diseases. They use iodinated resin, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration membrane technologies, activated carbon or ozonation to purify water. They come in a wide range of convenient, compact, user friendly devices to provide all segments with safe drinking water.

Zero B Range
Kitchen Mate     
Sapphire Wall-Mount RO
Solar Online wall-mounted purifier
Suraksha Plus Non-electric storage water purifier
Pristine & Ultimate RO Table top reverse osmosis purifier
Ultimate RO Under-the-counter reverse osmosis purifier
Reverse Osmosis 15/25 LPH Skid RO
Pristine UF Counter top purifier uses ultra filtration to purify water
Resiline On line purifier for residential use
Suraksha On tap purifier in kitchens
Srijal Cartridge Unique purifying cartridge, upgrades ordinary candle filter into a water purifier
Puristore Storage type purifier
Srijal "Siphon" purifier for rural and semi-rural areas without piped water supplies
Watermate Portable purifier
Puriline On line purifier for offices & Institutions, hospitals, factories
Water Stations Water vending machines for retailing purified water at railway stations, bus depots, shopping malls, places of pilgrimage etc.

Products & Services
Tanclean - World's largest Water Tank Cleaners
Fontus Water - Waste Water Treatment
Kinetico - The Water Softners
Solahart - Solar Water Heating Plants
Rostfreisteel - Tanks, Silos, Lakes and Lagoons
Ion Exchange - The Commercial Water Purifiers
Zero B - Best source of water at home


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