The power of positive is the foundation of our people, products and business. Our business philosophy is to ensure excellent products services and solutions by offering customised package supported by the best technology.

Chopra & Associates core business relates to water, a precious natural resource, essential for all human activity and for life itself. It is our privilege to manage this increasingly scarce resource by providing total water management solutions. Purifying water to ensure safe drinking water for homes and communities. Treating water with care to meet the quality requirements for any process. Removing pollutants from wastewater. Recycling and recovering water and valuable products for reuse. Reducing waste and pollution. Using technology beneficially to conserve earth's most precious resource while improving quality of life and protecting the environment.

We at Chopra & Associates believe ourselves fortunate - privileged in fact that our business is of such beneficial service to society and the environment which are directly affected by the use and misuse of water. That our business provides us the opportunity to use technology to improve the quality of people's lives and the environment, enabling us to fulfill our inherent responsibility and obligation to society of which we are a part, returning what we owe to it, with value added.

Recently, water quality concerns have been a hot topic in the media. Much of the attention is on municipalities in violation of drinking water standards. Or, get started with a free water analysis. Your local Chopra & Associates water professional can provide you with all the information you need about your home's individual water treatment requirements.

With our continuous and diverse experience in cement distribution our company increased its portfolio strength and added safe water caring products and services like tank cleaning, industrial and domestic waste water treatment plants, whole house water softeners powered by the force of moving water instead of electricity, commercial and domestic RO systems with water equal to or greater than 99.99% microbiologically pure, Solar water heating plants, tank installation of all requirements, lakes and lagoons.

Cement & Associates have their own manufacturing units of Calcium Chloride at Ludhiana (Punjab) and Alwar (Rajasthan). Calcium Chloride is used in various fields like Paint Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry and paint manufacturers. Cement and Associates have distributorships for all the major brands of cements in the country & also are the main importers of cement from Pakistan to fulfill the growing demand of cement in the region at the best price possible.

Products & Services
Tanclean - World's largest Water Tank Cleaners
Fontus Water - Waste Water Treatment
Kinetico - The Water Softners
Solahart - Solar Water Heating Plants
Rostfreisteel - Tanks, Silos, Lakes and Lagoons
Ion Exchange - The Commercial Water Purifiers
Zero B - Best source of water at home




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